November Share and Learn Topic

Since November is the last month I’ll be handing out Share and Learn assignments after terrorizing this group for four years, I thought we could all celebrate with the theme of “Time”.  We’d like to share images that communicate the idea of the passage of Time in any way you want.  It can be anything from old pictures, to something with a clock in it…something moving through time….something timeless.  Here is something to help you along. ..and another article.


Share your Fall Pictures

A reminder…this month show us pictures of anything evocative of Fall. Get us is the spirit to enjoy some cooler weather. Your pictures don’t have to be of Fall foliage, just something “cooler”. Remember our meeting is next Tuesday, the 17th.

What is Share and Learn?

We conduct a “share and learn” session at each of our meetings where members bring in photos they’ve shot.  In order to provide some incentive for our members to get out and use their cameras, as well as encourage some learning we issue a monthly photo assignment to serve as the subject for the Share and Learn.  While it is not strictly required to follow the assignment, members are encouraged to do so.