Landscape Photography Workshop

Our next workshop is Thursday January 4 at the Community Center at 7pm. It’s our first of 2018, and a great start.

You’ll be surprised how much more there is to excellent Landscape photography than just pointing your camera at something that’s not moving, and clicking. Landscape photography has a long illustrious history and has the added advantage of getting you outdoors. In this workshop we’ll cover do’s and don‘ts, equipment, shooting techniques, and image post processing. Register by clicking below.

Upcoming Workshops

We are really excited to see our workshop series resume, this time at the Community Center every first Thursday night at 7pm. While not our ideal time it does give us a regular time and place. The room holds about 25 people and our November (Travel Photography) date still has a few seats left. We’ll follow up with an Introduction to Photography in December, Landscape Photography in January, a Photoshop workshop in February, HDR Photography in March and Get to Know Your Camera in April.


If you have suggestions for workshops you’d like us to offer let me know at  See our Workshops, click below.

Travel Photography Workshop – Nov 2

Nov 2, 7pm at the Kingwood Community Center

Traveling with a camera is something almost everyone does, but how many of us come back with those iconic shots we wish we had taken, and even worse, how many of us actually print and save our photos from the trip? In this workshop we’ll talk about planning before going, equipment to take with you, shooting those crowded venues so it looks like you were there alone, and finally creating a photo book when you return.

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Photography Workshops

Because the library will be closed through at least next January or February, and because it appears meeting rooms are scarce around Kingwood at the moment, we are not going to be able to continue our workshops for a while. We promise to resume as soon as we can find a reliable location. That may mean we will have to wait until we can get back into the library.

Solar Eclipse Presentation

A solar eclipse is coming to North America on August 21st, 2017!
This is truly an historic event and a wonderful opportunity to view one of nature’s most stunning displays. Mr. Aaron Clevenson of the Greater Houston Astronomical Coalition will assist us get ready for this extraordinary phenomenon. The presentation will be at the Kingwood Community Center on Wednesday, August 2nd from 10am – 11:30am.
All ages are welcome, free of charge.
Kingwood Community Center is located at 4102 Rustic Woods Dr. Kingwood, TX 77345 – Next to the new HEB!

Lightroom – Automating Your Workflow

The attached document covers most of what we discussed in the Post Processing SIG in December 2015 on workflow automation in Lightroom.  Our January SIG registration can be found on this page.

There are an amazing number tools to help you speed up repetitive tasks.  If you  find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, then there are tools to help you.

As you read the document and try out the various tools take note that I personally believe the most important thing you can do is to organize the way you name your files, your folder structure, and your use of ratings, colors, and keywords.  If you have a plan, and use it consistently, you will find using Lightroom a lot easier.  In addition automation tools like Smart Collections will work for you to help you sort through your image library.


Photography 101 – Class Materials

 Attached are the presentations used in the Photography 101 series this summer (2015).  They include the material used for the Lightroom Library Module (organizing your images), Know Your Camera, and Creating Art.  We plan to have one more basic session in the Fall on editing in Lightroom, using the Develop Module.

Lightroom library module

Know your camera

Creating Art 1

Video on Composition used in the workshop



In addition to Special Interest Groups and Field trips we occasionally offer workshops on various topics.  While primarily for the benefit of our members, workshops are open to the public as way of returning something to our community, and hopefully enticing new members to join.

We encourage any of our members with expertise in any area of Photography to consider putting together a workshop.  Just contact us and we’ll help you get going.

All our events, whether Field Trips, Workshops, or SIGS require online registration because of limited space, and to allow the organizer to better communicate with those planning to come.