November Presentation – Protecting Your Files

Ross Davis from Kingwood PC Repair (see also their Facebook page) spoke to the club about protecting our files.   As photographers we spend a lot of time capturing and processing images.  Our files are large and numerous.  It isn’t rare to exceed 20…30…80 thousand images.  Rose explained three important aspects of  things to consider.  Have a sound backup plan, invest in good antivirus software and reliable hard drives. (Slide below can  be enlarged by clicking on it.)

Backup plans need to be tested.  Don’t just assume your’s is working.  Your backups might be local, such as an external hard drive.  Cloud based, or a combination of the two.  Ross’s company provides a monitored cloud based solution that ensures your backups are safe.

Anti Virus software comes in various forms, and vendors.  The import thing is to have software installed that works, is updates, and doesn’t impact the performance of your computer.  There are services can be purchased also through and ongoing subscription 

Finally Hard Drives were discussed.  The newest type of drives are “SSD”, or Solid State Drives.  They don’t have the spinning disk and arm design and are less prone to damage.  They are also considerably faster than the older design hard drives.  The down side to SSD drives is that they are still more expensive than the older drives, and don’t have quite the same capacity.