Photoshop Basics Workshop

Never used Photoshop, but want to try it? Old hand, and want a refresher? This workshop will get you into the basics of photoshop from understanding the various panels and tools, to the basics of layers and masks. Photoshop is probably the most powerful image editor on the market, and more than that, if you love graphic design it is also a leader in that field. Because it is so powerful and can do so much, it is also quite complicated. In this workshop we’ll break it down for you and get you going.

Since space is limited these workshops require advance registration.  This is open to the public.

You can register here

August 15 Program: Post-Production Editing Techniques That Will Change Your Photography

Post processing plays a big role in today’s photographic society. Whether it’s used subtlety or for major composites, it’s definitely an important skill to know.

Pat Guard , owner of Pat and Ray’s Studio in Kingwood, will be available to answer questions and offer tips for preparing photos to share with the world. In this digital age, all photographers need to be knowledgeable with Photoshop and/or other post-production techniques. Pat sees Photoshop as a tool, just as the darkroom was a tool to manipulate images in her early career. She will discuss and demonstrate just a few techniques that help get the most out of your images.