Know Your Camera – workshop

This workshop is aimed at beginning photographers who want to learn the basics about their cameras, and getting the proper exposure.  The goal of the workshop is to introduce you to how your camera functions, and what the various controls on the camera do to affect the outcome.  We won’t be able to talk about the specific controls on every single camera, but since all cameras basically do the same thing we can address those issues.

Since space is limited these workshops require advance registration.  This is open to the public.

Photography 101 – Class Materials

 Attached are the presentations used in the Photography 101 series this summer (2015).  They include the material used for the Lightroom Library Module (organizing your images), Know Your Camera, and Creating Art.  We plan to have one more basic session in the Fall on editing in Lightroom, using the Develop Module.

Lightroom library module

Know your camera

Creating Art 1

Video on Composition used in the workshop