2018 Officers

We are a collection of photographers and would-be photographers from the lake houston area near Houston, Texas. We are of different ages, demographics, and abilities, but share one common theme; we love photography as an art and wish to share that love with our neighbors.
Our Mission is to promote the art of photography in our community, and educate, inspire and motivate our neighbors to become better photographers.
We accomplish our mission by (a) holding monthly meetings (3rd tuesday, 6:30pm, First Baptist church, 3500 Woodland hills), (b) Conducting regular free public workshops, and (c) assisting various lake houston area organizations with their photographic needs.  We also arrange periodic local and out-of-town photographic field trips.

OFFICERS (2018):

President  – Kathy Muhle (president@kwphotoclub.com)

Vice President – Jim Schepens ( vp@kwphotoclub.com)

Treasurer – Mike Atchison

Public Relations Coordinator – Bonnie McKenna

Membership Coordinator – Connie Emerson (membership@kwphotoclub.com)

Activities Coordinator – Ronda Meuwissen (Activities@kwphotoclub.com)

  • Activities Committee:
    • Ellen Taylor
    • Dale Barrack
    • Leon Guinn
    • Anne Mullins
    • Margaret Molloy

Programs Coordinator – Connie Emerson

  • Programs Committee:
    • David Emerson
    • Chuck Dugand

Hospitality Coordinator – David Emerson

  • Asst: Chuck Dugand

WebMaster  – Chuck Dugand (admin@kwphotoclub.com)