Join our “Pet Portraits” Event Coming in March

Pet Portraits

Our club will be shooting pets…Not really shooting them, but photographing pets at the “Pets in the Park” event in Kingwood’s Town Center on March 24th.  The idea is that we’ll provide a free portrait of people’s pets either alone or with their owner.   Ronda Meuwissen is organizing this Members only event and will be pulling a planning meeting together shortly.  If you would like to help out and be a part of another great club event benefiting our community contact Ronda here.

New Events Calendar

We’ve added an events calendar on our web site so that you can see everything that we’ve got planned, in one place. Monthly meetings, workshops, photo outings, and out of town trips are all there with links for signing up. We’re still adding events and details so take a look.

January 16 Program: Standing in Front of Interesting Stuff

We all strive to become better photographers.  We attend workshops, read articles, watch instructional videos, and possibly attempt to copy the best work of others we admire. Some even enter contests and seek out critical comments from other expert photographers. Over time all that hard work can begin to wear thin and your interest in photography wane unless you find and recognize interesting subjects for your art.

This month’s program is about the need to find and stand in front of interesting stuff, if you want to take interesting photos. We will talk about what our club has offered and plans to offer to help you in this area. Bring your popcorn, because the talk is capped off with a 20 minute video on the club’s trip to Yellowstone last January. Brrrr…. A fitting look at cold weather photography during this time of the year.

Chuck Dugand: Standing In Front Of Interesting Stuff


Our speaker is well known to us, Chuck Dugand is our Webmaster and is our most recent past club president.  He’s been an avid amateur photographer for many years and travels extensively with his wife, Helen, looking for “Interesting Stuff”.