File Management with Lightroom – Workshop

Adobe Lightroom – File Management

Adobe Lightroom is a photo file management and editing tool. There are several modules in lightroom, but arguably the “Library” module is the most important feature. In this workshop we will discuss everything you ever wanted to know about managing your files using Lightroom….even if you don’t know lightroom and don’t want it, you’ll learn about file types, naming, keywording, saving and backing up, and exporting for various uses such as printing or sharing on the web.

We won’t be getting into editing your images in this session, but you will learn enough about how Lightroom manages files that your introduction to editing (in a future workshop) will come a lot more easily.


Know Your Camera – workshop

This workshop is aimed at beginning photographers who want to learn the basics about their cameras, and getting the proper exposure.  The goal of the workshop is to introduce you to how your camera functions, and what the various controls on the camera do to affect the outcome.  We won’t be able to talk about the specific controls on every single camera, but since all cameras basically do the same thing we can address those issues.

Since space is limited these workshops require advance registration.  This is open to the public.

HDR photography Workshop – March 1

You’ve probably heard of “HDR” photography. This is your chance to learn how to produce it. This workshop is aimed at Intermediate and advanced photographers who want to want to learn how to use various techniques to extend the dynamic range (brightness and detail) in their images. The workshop will cover shooting techniques, software alternatives, and manual blending methods.

Join our “Pet Portraits” Event Coming in March

Pet Portraits

Our club will be shooting pets…Not really shooting them, but photographing pets at the “Pets in the Park” event in Kingwood’s Town Center on March 24th.  The idea is that we’ll provide a free portrait of people’s pets either alone or with their owner.   Ronda Meuwissen is organizing this Members only event and will be pulling a planning meeting together shortly.  If you would like to help out and be a part of another great club event benefiting our community contact Ronda here.

Photography Workshops

Because the library will be closed through at least next January or February, and because it appears meeting rooms are scarce around Kingwood at the moment, we are not going to be able to continue our workshops for a while. We promise to resume as soon as we can find a reliable location. That may mean we will have to wait until we can get back into the library.

Solar Eclipse Presentation

A solar eclipse is coming to North America on August 21st, 2017!
This is truly an historic event and a wonderful opportunity to view one of nature’s most stunning displays. Mr. Aaron Clevenson of the Greater Houston Astronomical Coalition will assist us get ready for this extraordinary phenomenon. The presentation will be at the Kingwood Community Center on Wednesday, August 2nd from 10am – 11:30am.
All ages are welcome, free of charge.
Kingwood Community Center is located at 4102 Rustic Woods Dr. Kingwood, TX 77345 – Next to the new HEB!