November Share and Learn Topic

Since November is the last month I’ll be handing out Share and Learn assignments after terrorizing this group for four years, I thought we could all celebrate with the theme of “Time”.  We’d like to share images that communicate the idea of the passage of Time in any way you want.  It can be anything from old pictures, to something with a clock in it…something moving through time….something timeless.  Here is something to help you along. ..and another article.


Share your Fall Pictures

A reminder…this month show us pictures of anything evocative of Fall. Get us is the spirit to enjoy some cooler weather. Your pictures don’t have to be of Fall foliage, just something “cooler”. Remember our meeting is next Tuesday, the 17th.

July Share and Learn Gallery – Prints

This month we asked those submitting images for share and learn to bring in those same images as prints.  Showing photographs as they should be seen, on hard, physical media is the ultimate in our art.  If you are not printing any of your images today, give it a try.  If you are you know that they can look a lot better printed than they will ever look on the screen.

Thanks for those who did bring in prints, and thanks for the discussion on printing.

June Share and Learn Gallery

We got a little behind posting our Share and Learn galleries on the web site….sorry.  All caught up now.

June was mobile photography month for us.  We not only had a iphoneography workshop in the Library, but we also asked folks to submit picture for share and learn that had been captures with their mobile devices.