52 Week Photo Challenge – 2018

You get better with practice, and sometimes that means pushing yourself even when you don’t want to.  Here’s a way to do that in 2018.  Try joining us with a 52 week photo challenge.  Take one picture every week and post it on our Flickr group, set up specifically for the challenge.  All you have to do is:

  1. download our list of topics
  2. Take one picture from the topic list each week…no duplicates, and the picture MUST be taken in that week.  Don’t go back and pick out old stuff.  Don’t modify the file EXIF data, which contains the date the picture was taken. Weeks begin on Sunday and end on Saturday.  You do NOT have to follow the order on the list…just get 52 images over the year in any order.
  3. Join our Flickr Group.  Group membership is by “Invitation” so please let us know if you want to join at admin@kwphotoclub.com
  4. Upload image to Flickr and give each image a name corresponding to the photo challenge.  For example “4-Something you love”

NOTE: if you start this challenge later than Jan 1, which everyone will, join anyway and challenge yourself for the rest of the year. You can make up the weeks you miss if you have some images from that period.