Merry Christmas

With the Christmas season upon us, and with this being my last month as President of this club I felt it important to thank all of you, our members, and especially all of you who worked with me on so many of our club projects over these past four years for a the gift you gave me when you voted to allow me to do this job.  I’ve loved photography for a long time, and I did many of the things I’m sure you all do to improve; I read, I watched instructional videos, I attended workshops and seminars and I went on photo trips.  None of that helped me improve nearly as much as the everyday experience and wonder of being president of such a great photo club!  You all inspired me  to look further and dig deeper than I ever did before, and for that I am eternally grateful.  My love for photography is greater than it has ever been.

With this transition to new leadership I think our club is set for greater things.  Kathy Muhle and Jim Schepens are set for the next stage.  I spoke with Leon Guinn (the prior President) the other night and reminisced about where the club was, and what its become.  It came a long way under Leon and his predecessors, Phil Bozzo, and Bill Beard….I hope I moved the needle a bit, and I am absolutely sure Kathy and Jim will do a great job.  There is so much more we can do, both for our members and for our community.  My goal was to make our club a full fledged member of our community.  We started that with public workshops, photo restoration after the storm and events like our coming Santa shoot.  Much more remains to be done.  

Merry Christmas to all of you.

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