Connie & David Emerson say “THANK YOU!”

We were so overwhelmed at the September meeting when we were presented with a hard drive with over 2,000 photos.  The photos were saved from our old photo albums that were under 31” of water for a few days due to the August 29 flood.  We thought if we said more than we did that night, we might go from teary-eyed to full out tears. It was a happy moment and we thank you for that.

Words are powerless to express our gratitude.  We will never forget the graciousness, relentless hours of devotion to restoring our photographic memories, and your support during this time in our life.

We were very fortunate to have one of our club members see us shortly after being evacuated to First Baptist Church and graciously invited us to their home for 2 nights as we could not reach any family or have any other options except for temporary shelter somewhere.  We will never be able to repay their graciousness; they were definitely god-send.  Thank you Darryl & Diana Hancock. 

And to those that worked on our photos & old photo albums, we are most thankful for the generosity of your time & talent.  We had very little faith in saving the old photos and albums, but were not ready to throw them out, like so many other items, on the curbside.  Pam Walton took the lead and without her, our photos would have been lost.  We wish to thank everyone that worked to save our memories, Pam & Mark Walton, Mike Atchison, Chuck Dugand, Jim Evard, Jay Mangum, Margaret Molloy, Kathy Muhle and Jim Shepens.   

Thanks for being there for us; we will forever be grateful.

Connie & David Emerson