Q&A Submitting your Images for Share and Learn 

Q: When should images be submitted?

A: Any time before 7pm on the Monday before the meeting…i.e.: the evening before the meeting.  Later than that and we’ll make every attempt to include them, but cannot guarantee they will get in 


Q: who do I send them to?

A: president@kwphotoclub.com, except on months when the Vice President is substituting, then send them to vp@kwphotoclub.com


Q: How can I be sure the club got the pictures I sent in?

A:  You should receive a short reply if we got them. If you don’t hear anything don’t be bashful….go ahead and ask if we got them. 


Q: Do I have to follow the theme for the month?

A: life is too short for “have tos” while we certainly encourage everyone to follow the theme, if you have some really great images you want to show off, by all means do. 


Q: Do the pictures submitted have to be taken in the current month?

A: While that would be ideal, we don’t require that at all.


Q: how many pictures may I submit?

A: four or less


Q: What file type mya I use.

A: always submit jpg file.


Q: What are the requirements for pictures submitted?

A: We make every attempt to accept whatever you send in, however you’ll make our life a lot easier, and reduce confusion on our part if you’ll do the following:

  1) name your pictures: names like DCS8765.jpg, Don’t help us identify your pictures, and don’t help us sort them for the Share and Learn presentation.  Name your images with your first and last name, a number tndicating the order you want them in, and a very short description.  So a good name might look like:  “Joe Smith 3 – Yosemite falls.jpg”

  2) reduce their size. Full, high resolution pictures are large, and harder to email. Our projector shows images at 75dpi (dots per inch) so anything greater than that is a waste. Therefore we request that Images be 75-100 dpi, and 1000-1200 pixels on the long side. 


Q:  During the meeting do I have to know the camera settings etc for my pictures?

A: no, but the members sometimes might ask some of that detail about the picture. What was your ISO setting? What was your exposure setting?  Since there is a “Learn” aspect to this session, do be prepared to answers some questions.   Don’t remember those particulars? If you use Lightroom, look in the image metadata located in the right side Panel in the Library module.