Re-sizing and Naming Your Share and Learn Images

As time goes on it helps to remind everyone of our submission guidelines for share and learn images each month.  These guidelines exist for two reasons.  One is so that the images load faster when viewing them and are easier to send via email, and the second is to help make it easier to organize photos for the share and learn slideshow.

  1. Image size.  No matter what size image you send, when it projects electronically in the meeting, its going to project at 72dpi.  Therefore there is absolutely no reason to send in high resolution images suitable for printing (250-300 dpi).  Those images are just larger and harder to email.  So PLEASE resize your images to 75-100 dpi, and 1000-1400 pixels on the long side.  They will show up as good as they possibly can.  Here are instructions for resizing your pictures: In Lightroom, In Photoshop.
  2. Naming (File names) your pictures is IMPORTANT.  Please don’t send in images with their original file name, unless you want to see them up on the slideshow in some random order.  Your images file names should be in the format “Firstname Lastname – ## – Description.jpg”, so for example one of my images might be “Chuck Dugand – 01 – East End Park walkway.jpg”.  The reason to do this is that the slideshow software we use will sort the images by filename ensuring your images all come up together.  Putting a description on the image isn’t necessary, but helps.  If you fail to rename your images it forces me (or Kathy) to do that for you, which just adds work.