Lightroom – Automating Your Workflow

The attached document covers most of what we discussed in the Post Processing SIG in December 2015 on workflow automation in Lightroom.  Our January SIG registration can be found on this page.

There are an amazing number tools to help you speed up repetitive tasks.  If you  find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, then there are tools to help you.

As you read the document and try out the various tools take note that I personally believe the most important thing you can do is to organize the way you name your files, your folder structure, and your use of ratings, colors, and keywords.  If you have a plan, and use it consistently, you will find using Lightroom a lot easier.  In addition automation tools like Smart Collections will work for you to help you sort through your image library.


Photography 101 – Class Materials

 Attached are the presentations used in the Photography 101 series this summer (2015).  They include the material used for the Lightroom Library Module (organizing your images), Know Your Camera, and Creating Art.  We plan to have one more basic session in the Fall on editing in Lightroom, using the Develop Module.

Lightroom library module

Know your camera

Creating Art 1

Video on Composition used in the workshop