HDR photography Workshop – March 1

You’ve probably heard of “HDR” photography. This is your chance to learn how to produce it. This workshop is aimed at Intermediate and advanced photographers who want to want to learn how to use various techniques to extend the dynamic range (brightness and detail) in their images. The workshop will cover shooting techniques, software alternatives, and manual blending methods.

Big Bend Workshop in March

Thomas Avery is announcing his next photography workshop based in the Big Bend area of Texas. Dates are March 19 – 23, 2018.

This workshop will focus on night and dark sky photography as well as landscape and nature photography in the daylight.

Full details can be found here:


You will explore the Big Bend area including the national park and the Terlingua Ghost Town. Thomas has his list of classic locations to visit plus a few new ones.

Photography Workshops

Because the library will be closed through at least next January or February, and because it appears meeting rooms are scarce around Kingwood at the moment, we are not going to be able to continue our workshops for a while. We promise to resume as soon as we can find a reliable location. That may mean we will have to wait until we can get back into the library.


In addition to Special Interest Groups and Field trips we occasionally offer workshops on various topics.  While primarily for the benefit of our members, workshops are open to the public as way of returning something to our community, and hopefully enticing new members to join.

We encourage any of our members with expertise in any area of Photography to consider putting together a workshop.  Just contact us and we’ll help you get going.

All our events, whether Field Trips, Workshops, or SIGS require online registration because of limited space, and to allow the organizer to better communicate with those planning to come.