New Think Tank Video Tripod Manager

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released the Video Tripod Manager 44.  This well-cushioned, highly rigid rolling case holds cinema-sized tripods, stands, sliders, and/or modifiers up to 40” in height. The rolling case features robust handles on four sides, so it’s easy to load into a vehicle. It is an ideal travel solution as its rectangular shape stacks easily, saving space. This roller’s crush-resistant ABS twinwall reinforcement provides impact protection. Shock-absorbing wheels roll smoothly and hold up under the toughest conditions.  And, don’t forget, whenever you use this special URL when ordering anything from Think Tank over $50 in value, you can add free gear to your order.

Technical Info:Video Tripod Manager 44 press release


Merry Christmas

With the Christmas season upon us, and with this being my last month as President of this club I felt it important to thank all of you, our members, and especially all of you who worked with me on so many of our club projects over these past four years for a the gift you gave me when you voted to allow me to do this job.  I’ve loved photography for a long time, and I did many of the things I’m sure you all do to improve; I read, I watched instructional videos, I attended workshops and seminars and I went on photo trips.  None of that helped me improve nearly as much as the everyday experience and wonder of being president of such a great photo club!  You all inspired me  to look further and dig deeper than I ever did before, and for that I am eternally grateful.  My love for photography is greater than it has ever been.

With this transition to new leadership I think our club is set for greater things.  Kathy Muhle and Jim Schepens are set for the next stage.  I spoke with Leon Guinn (the prior President) the other night and reminisced about where the club was, and what its become.  It came a long way under Leon and his predecessors, Phil Bozzo, and Bill Beard….I hope I moved the needle a bit, and I am absolutely sure Kathy and Jim will do a great job.  There is so much more we can do, both for our members and for our community.  My goal was to make our club a full fledged member of our community.  We started that with public workshops, photo restoration after the storm and events like our coming Santa shoot.  Much more remains to be done.  

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Think Tank: New roller released!

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released an expanded version of one of their most popular rolling camera bags. By complying with carry-on size requirements, with the new Airport Advantage Plus roller you can keep your most valuable gear safe and near you when you fly. Plus, the roller’s ultra-lightweight design at 6.9 lbs. (3.1 kg) helps meet weight restrictions, yet features the same level of protection for which Think Tank is known. Its dedicated laptop pocket fits up to a 17” laptop in a padded sleeve, a 10” tablet, or an Eagle Creek Medium Clothing Folder for overnight trips. By our club’s  special link, you will receive free gear and free shipping not only when you order this new roller, but any Think Tank gear.  Here is the link.

You can see more detail on this product by opening the attached pdf.



This holiday, Think Tank Photo, the leading camera bag design firm for serious photographers, and MindShift Gear, the top bag designers for outdoor photography, are offering a big selection of their camera/video bags, laptop bags, and accessories for savings of up to 50% off! By using these special links not only do get these big savings, you get free gear and free shipping on all Think Tank and MindShift Gear you order. Order now while supplies last.

Be sure to use the entire URL as they have your special code number at the end:



Christmas Party Next Month

Time to Party!  Our December club meeting will be held at the same time and place as normal; Third Tuesday, December 19, at 6:30pm in our meeting room at the First Baptist Church.  This is a meeting with a difference though.  Bring a  Christmas dish to share.  The club will provide meat dishes…turkey and ham, and the members will bring all the other goodies.

Please come and join us for this Christmas party…who knows, Santa may even show up!

November Presentation – Protecting Your Files

Ross Davis from Kingwood PC Repair (see also their Facebook page) spoke to the club about protecting our files.   As photographers we spend a lot of time capturing and processing images.  Our files are large and numerous.  It isn’t rare to exceed 20…30…80 thousand images.  Rose explained three important aspects of  things to consider.  Have a sound backup plan, invest in good antivirus software and reliable hard drives. (Slide below can  be enlarged by clicking on it.)

Backup plans need to be tested.  Don’t just assume your’s is working.  Your backups might be local, such as an external hard drive.  Cloud based, or a combination of the two.  Ross’s company provides a monitored cloud based solution that ensures your backups are safe.

Anti Virus software comes in various forms, and vendors.  The import thing is to have software installed that works, is updates, and doesn’t impact the performance of your computer.  There are services can be purchased also through and ongoing subscription 

Finally Hard Drives were discussed.  The newest type of drives are “SSD”, or Solid State Drives.  They don’t have the spinning disk and arm design and are less prone to damage.  They are also considerably faster than the older design hard drives.  The down side to SSD drives is that they are still more expensive than the older drives, and don’t have quite the same capacity.




PROGRAM Tuesday, October 17: Climbing Kilimanjaro

Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer, a member of Kingwood Photo Club, has taken many fun, adventuresome  trips to exotic locations.  This month he will share his photographic experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent . . .  19,341 feet high.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to climb it?  And see pictures from a climbing trip?  Perhaps, you might be interested in climbing Kili too.  If so, this is a chance to find out if this adventure is for you.

Kingwood Photo Club meetings begin at 6:30pm in the First Baptist Church/Kingwood at 3500 Woodland Hills Drive.  Scott Meyer will share his 2011 climb experiences and his pictures from the trip.  There will also be plenty of time for your questions.




Connie & David Emerson say “THANK YOU!”

We were so overwhelmed at the September meeting when we were presented with a hard drive with over 2,000 photos.  The photos were saved from our old photo albums that were under 31” of water for a few days due to the August 29 flood.  We thought if we said more than we did that night, we might go from teary-eyed to full out tears. It was a happy moment and we thank you for that.

Words are powerless to express our gratitude.  We will never forget the graciousness, relentless hours of devotion to restoring our photographic memories, and your support during this time in our life.

We were very fortunate to have one of our club members see us shortly after being evacuated to First Baptist Church and graciously invited us to their home for 2 nights as we could not reach any family or have any other options except for temporary shelter somewhere.  We will never be able to repay their graciousness; they were definitely god-send.  Thank you Darryl & Diana Hancock. 

And to those that worked on our photos & old photo albums, we are most thankful for the generosity of your time & talent.  We had very little faith in saving the old photos and albums, but were not ready to throw them out, like so many other items, on the curbside.  Pam Walton took the lead and without her, our photos would have been lost.  We wish to thank everyone that worked to save our memories, Pam & Mark Walton, Mike Atchison, Chuck Dugand, Jim Evard, Jay Mangum, Margaret Molloy, Kathy Muhle and Jim Shepens.   

Thanks for being there for us; we will forever be grateful.

Connie & David Emerson

September Program: “Finding Your Purpose in Street Photography”

Dee Zunker
Dee Zunker













Dee Zunker, our guest speaker, will discuss the definition of street photography, and discuss the different reasons for making a street photograph. She will also discuss a few resources, and places for street photography in Houston.

Dee is an accomplished fine art photographer with images appearing regularly in exhibitions including the Visual Arts Alliance, Houston Center of
Photography, and the Houston Photographic Society. Dee also offers one on one photography sessions. You can find out more at

Below is a link to a few of Dee’s street photographs: