PROGRAM Tuesday, October 17: Climbing Kilimanjaro

Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer, a member of Kingwood Photo Club, has taken many fun, adventuresome  trips to exotic locations.  This month he will share his photographic experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent . . .  19,341 feet high.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to climb it?  And see pictures from a climbing trip?  Perhaps, you might be interested in climbing Kili too.  If so, this is a chance to find out if this adventure is for you.

Kingwood Photo Club meetings begin at 6:30pm in the First Baptist Church/Kingwood at 3500 Woodland Hills Drive.  Scott Meyer will share his 2011 climb experiences and his pictures from the trip.  There will also be plenty of time for your questions.




Connie & David Emerson say “THANK YOU!”

We were so overwhelmed at the September meeting when we were presented with a hard drive with over 2,000 photos.  The photos were saved from our old photo albums that were under 31” of water for a few days due to the August 29 flood.  We thought if we said more than we did that night, we might go from teary-eyed to full out tears. It was a happy moment and we thank you for that.

Words are powerless to express our gratitude.  We will never forget the graciousness, relentless hours of devotion to restoring our photographic memories, and your support during this time in our life.

We were very fortunate to have one of our club members see us shortly after being evacuated to First Baptist Church and graciously invited us to their home for 2 nights as we could not reach any family or have any other options except for temporary shelter somewhere.  We will never be able to repay their graciousness; they were definitely god-send.  Thank you Darryl & Diana Hancock. 

And to those that worked on our photos & old photo albums, we are most thankful for the generosity of your time & talent.  We had very little faith in saving the old photos and albums, but were not ready to throw them out, like so many other items, on the curbside.  Pam Walton took the lead and without her, our photos would have been lost.  We wish to thank everyone that worked to save our memories, Pam & Mark Walton, Mike Atchison, Chuck Dugand, Jim Evard, Jay Mangum, Margaret Molloy, Kathy Muhle and Jim Shepens.   

Thanks for being there for us; we will forever be grateful.

Connie & David Emerson

Photographing the Solar Eclipse

Mike Muhle made a very detailed and entertaining presentation on photographing the solar eclipse.  He emphasized the importance of planning and knowing what to do before the eclipse starts.

September Meeting Roundup and Materials

For those not there, our September meeting was a great step back to normalcy for the club. While understandably it was moderately well attended, it was a lot of fun with a different agenda. A quick intro and “prayer” talking about the blessings we saw after the storm, especially in the form of neighbor helping neighbor led into Pam Walton’s talk about the project she led to save Connie and David Emerson’s old photo albums after the flood. Pam’s heart-touching presentation was a great illustration of neighbor helping neighbor, and for our club, an uplifting story of our members pitching in for one of our own. She concluded by giving the Emersons a hard drive with over 2500 files with their photos digitalized by the hard work of seven club members. Pam was a great force behind this hard work that lasted about seven days.

Our presenter gave a talk on street photography. She is a professional photographer, and did a nice job. Her material is posted on the Programs page and linked here.

Share and Learn was sparse with only about six people is up on the galleries page now. It was a shorter than normal S&L session, but that was ok because Mike Muhle wrapped up the meeting with a technical dive into eclipse photography. Mike’s an engineer, and it showed, but his presentation was very informative and enjoyable because we could watch someone discover photography because it resonated so well with the technician inside him, rather than the artist (like his wife, Kathy).  Mike obviously loved the experience and brought us all along for that ride.  His experience reflects how we all find something in this subject that touches who we are.

September Program: “Finding Your Purpose in Street Photography”

Dee Zunker
Dee Zunker













Dee Zunker, our guest speaker, will discuss the definition of street photography, and discuss the different reasons for making a street photograph. She will also discuss a few resources, and places for street photography in Houston.

Dee is an accomplished fine art photographer with images appearing regularly in exhibitions including the Visual Arts Alliance, Houston Center of
Photography, and the Houston Photographic Society. Dee also offers one on one photography sessions. You can find out more at

Below is a link to a few of Dee’s street photographs:

Photography Workshops

Because the library will be closed through at least next January or February, and because it appears meeting rooms are scarce around Kingwood at the moment, we are not going to be able to continue our workshops for a while. We promise to resume as soon as we can find a reliable location. That may mean we will have to wait until we can get back into the library.

Open Spots on Oct. 2017 Big Bend Photo Workshop

I have three spots open on my upcoming photography workshop in Big Bend (Oct. 16 – 20, 2017) because of recent cancellations. Some of the folks who were signed up are dealing with storm related issues and have unfortunately (and understandably) backed out.

The details of the workshop can be found here:

Please let me know ( if you would like to take this workshop. If you’d like to take this workshop and have taken a previous workshop from me, you will receive a $75 discount.