PROGRAM Tuesday, October 17: Climbing Kilimanjaro

Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer, a member of Kingwood Photo Club, has taken many fun, adventuresome  trips to exotic locations.  This month he will share his photographic experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent . . .  19,341 feet high.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to climb it?  And see pictures from a climbing trip?  Perhaps, you might be interested in climbing Kili too.  If so, this is a chance to find out if this adventure is for you.

Kingwood Photo Club meetings begin at 6:30pm in the First Baptist Church/Kingwood at 3500 Woodland Hills Drive.  Scott Meyer will share his 2011 climb experiences and his pictures from the trip.  There will also be plenty of time for your questions.




September Program: “Finding Your Purpose in Street Photography”

Dee Zunker
Dee Zunker













Dee Zunker, our guest speaker, will discuss the definition of street photography, and discuss the different reasons for making a street photograph. She will also discuss a few resources, and places for street photography in Houston.

Dee is an accomplished fine art photographer with images appearing regularly in exhibitions including the Visual Arts Alliance, Houston Center of
Photography, and the Houston Photographic Society. Dee also offers one on one photography sessions. You can find out more at

Below is a link to a few of Dee’s street photographs:

August 15 Program: Post-Production Editing Techniques That Will Change Your Photography

Post processing plays a big role in today’s photographic society. Whether it’s used subtlety or for major composites, it’s definitely an important skill to know.

Pat Guard , owner of Pat and Ray’s Studio in Kingwood, will be available to answer questions and offer tips for preparing photos to share with the world. In this digital age, all photographers need to be knowledgeable with Photoshop and/or other post-production techniques. Pat sees Photoshop as a tool, just as the darkroom was a tool to manipulate images in her early career. She will discuss and demonstrate just a few techniques that help get the most out of your images.